Raw Material security for Indian Steel Industry

30 April, 2021

About Event

India has ambitious plan for steel production and to achieve the same, availability of iron ore is imperative. With major steel makers in India increasing their capacities through either Brownfield expansion or Greenfield projects, raw material security becomes a very critical issue since it contributes to roughly 70% of the total steel making costs. Since capacity addition will be through the Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF) route, securing iron ores and coking coal blocks become vital. The steel companies must therefore evaluate different options for securing these raw materials.

The decisions that they make would have a long-term implication and therefore informed decisions become all the more relevant and crucial. For securing iron ores, the steel companies are Securing coking coal availability is another big challenge that Indian steel companies have as they are dependent on imports to fulfil, on an average, 75-80% of their coking coal requirements. Uncertainties in domestic production of iron ore and global spot market price fluctuations of coking coal have put the Indian steel companies under a lot of financial strain over the last few years.

With this background, ASSOCHAM is organizing a Webinar on Raw Material security for Indian Steel Industry on Friday, 30th April 2021 from 2.00- 4.00 PM.

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For more details and collaboration, please contact to Mr. Nirmal Singh (nirmal.singh@assocham.com, 9315750014), Mr. Amit Sharma (amit.sharma@assocham.com, 7982477625).