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The world has witnessed a more than recent trend shifts towards attaining a truly healthy lifestyle. To aid the people in their efforts, there was a huge influx of a unique range of nutraceutical products in the market. These products drove away from pharmaceutical solutions, towards a more natural one.
Burgeoning middle class, high disposal incomes and an increased awareness of health issues have resulted in a trend toward self-medication. People are looking to nutraceuticals—dietary supplements, functional foods, traditional medicines, etc.—for disease prevention, wellness, and performance enhancement. 
Growth of the nutraceuticals market in India can largely be attributed to increased affluence, lifestyle diseases and a change in the consumer perception and mindset. Increase in awareness about extra supplements among consumers, increasing health consciousness and rising healthcare costs are also aiding the growth of the nutraceuticals market. 
More than 80% of physicians agree that responsible use of nutraceuticals and OTC supplements can reduce the burden on the healthcare system and effectively manage minor ailments.  
In this view, ASSOCHAM is organising an illuminating  Virtual Summit and Awards on NUTRACEUTICALS -The Frontline of Consumers Health which will focus on Nutraceuticals, Dietary Supplements, OTC and various other topical subjects.
The event is scheduled to be held on August 05, 2021, at 11 AM to spread more awareness for over-the-counter supplements/products so that we can take maximum benefit from it.
The last date for submitting Award Nominations is July 30, 2021.
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