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Wellness is an obligation and not an option in the post-COVID-19 world! - 
Medical Experts
The Health & Wellness Tourism Sector just before the onset of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic situation was promising and had gained enough momentum over the past few years. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the Travel & Tourism market across different levels. A huge loss to the tourism industry is expected due to this impact after the second wave of COVID, especially to the tour operators, hospitality centres etc. even after considering the fact that last year, The Hon’ble PM Shri Narendra Modi symbolically reopened Indias arms after the first long lockdown to welcome the tourists from all over the world.
While equipping with the best infrastructure of hospitals, treatment centres, and attractive tourist places, Gujarat can be considered as a hub for Health & Wellness Tourism for India and the rest of the world. The time tested principles of Ayurveda, ancient natural medicine practice from back 3000 years, combines medicine and philosophy and promotes wellness of mind, body and soul with a renewed stress on holistic well being, nutrition & rejuvenation as an aftermath of the pandemic. Health & Wellness Tourism sector is poised to grow more aggressively in the new normal & this holds a lot of promise as we have our traditional strengths in the form of Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy.
In our endeavour to provide unflinching support to reopen the tourism sector to uplift & uprise in the new normal (Post COVID-19). ASSOCHAM is organising Virtual Conference on “Health & Wellness Tourism: Transforming Wellness Tourism Sector & Roadmap to Reopening post-COVID 2nd Wave” on July 22, 2021; 11 AM Onwards. The main objective behind this Virtual Conference is to connect the dots and strengthen the support mechanism by establishing a platform to promote and popularise Gujarat as a Health & Wellness Tourism Destination across the nation.
To attend the afore-cited virtual session, Please register at -  Link:  https://bit.ly/3xDzaCn 
For more details, please connect with Mr Rohit Patel (M: +91 93747 48866, E: rohit.patel@assocham.com) & Mr Utsav Jain (M: +91 74047 23823, E: utsav.jain@assocham.com).