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Growing awareness about health and environmental issues are paving way for increasing demand of organically produced agri-products across the world. Globally 1.6 million farm producers use organic methods and approximately 80 percent of these producers are in developing countries. The estimated global market for organic products in the year 2012 was approximately 70.1 billion US dollars. In India the organic food market is approximately of INR 5.6 billion. This is an emerging opportunity for generation of employment and income at village level as well as across the agricultural value chain.

The state of Jammu and Kashmir is the third largest state in terms of area under organic farming. Given diverse agro climatic conditions coupled with presence of by-default organic production, the state has vast scope for development of the organic agriculture. Further the state has large population of livestock and vast geographical areas under vegetation which provide ideal base for input supply and spreading organic farming. To realize this potential, state need to build awareness, knowledge and confidence among stakeholders including farmers and service providers, about organic farming.  

To give a boost to organic farming and to bring all stakeholder, including exporters, certification agencies, experts in organic farming sector on one platform, ASSOCHAM propose to facilitate for a Conference on Organic farming; Product: Certification: Value Addition: Marketing.


  • Deliberation on the market and challenges of Organic Farming
  • To promote organic farming and competitiveness among small-holders
  • To forge partnerships for developing forward & backward farm linkages to   Strengthen Organic farming
  • To encourage setting up of agro-processing and agri-businesses enterprises for value addition in agriculture produce and generating new employment opportunities
  • To Suggest Policy Framework For Facilitation Of Promotion Of Organic Products

Focus Area

  • Organic Farming, Organic Certification, Organic Food & Beverages
  • Organic Input Supplies, Organic Retail
  • Green Cosmetics, Skin & Health Care
  • Emerging Business Models & Strategies
  • Export Promotion ,Effective Supply/Distribution Chains
  • Organic Consultancy
  • Future Agenda for Organic Development
  • Prospects of Organic farming in Jammu and Kashmir
  • Development of organic farming in Jammu and Kashmir
  • Financial Schemes for Organic Farming
  • Organic farming consultants

Participants Profile

  • Organic Food , Agro & Beverages Industries
  • Certification Agencies
  • Organic Fertilizer / Growth Promoters
  • Green Cosmetics & Skin care Industries
  • Health and Functional Food Industries
  • Organic Tea & Coffee Industries
  • Organic Textiles Industries
  • Organic Spices Industry
  • Organic Coconut Industry
  • Export Promotion Councils
  • Exporters & Importers
  • CEOs / Industrialists
  • Commodity exchange representatives
  • Central & State Government Departments and Officials
  • Agriculture Operatives, Progressive Farmers and Representative of Farmer Groups
  • Storage, Handling & Transportation
  • And Other Related Products & Services

Registration Fees: 

  • Delegate Fee: Rs. 1500/- per delegate