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About the Summit
Though agricultural sector in India has posted significant growth in past few decades but still faces challenges like improving agricultural productivity, minimizing post harvest losses, increasing value addition and processing, etc. These impediments require collaborative efforts by Government & Private sector to bolster Indian agriculture sector. Value addition in agriculture whether it is producing high value crops such as organic, growing specialty grains, process-able agricultural commodities, etc. presents an opportunity to integrate agriculture with industry and market. However, to tap this opportunity, India has to address the gaps in infrastructure supporting the agricultural sector based on analysis of key challenges across various segments of the agri-business supply chain.  Improving Post harvest & Marketing infrastructure is perhaps the key to unlock the potential of Agri-Business in India.
In this context there are several successful efforts both domestic and international, which have been used to showcase possible solutions to these issues like Public Private Partnerships (PPPs), Private ventures providing technology-based solutions to boost Agri-infrastructure in India, etc. Currently, there are PPPs in the areas of contract farming, drip irrigation projects and terminal markets among others which can be extended to other areas like logistics, cold storage, & warehousing infrastructure which are essential components of Agri-infrastructure. Also, the amount of private equity capital invested in agricultural ventures needs to be increased via favorable Govt. policies. Given the critical role of infrastructural facilities such as market and credit facilities in agricultural growth, successful large-scale replication of innovative models in Agri-infrastructure will lead to evolution of organized, high-tech, demand-led & high value orientation in agriculture.
Simultaneously, in the field of value-addition, there are innovations by the large corporation as well as people’s groups to add value to the agricultural commodities and deliver to consumers. These innovations may be game changer, if identified, localized and scaled up.   
Hence through organizing 6th Agri-Business Summit- Infrastructure, Value Addition, & Partnerships, ASSOCHAM creates platform for reviewing best efforts on filling gaps in Agri-infrastructure and best practices in value-addition strategy to re-shape agriculture as “Industry”. The Agribusiness summit will be a key event for national & International private companies, infrastructure developers, retailers & wholesalers, institutions & universities in the agribusiness sector along with the Central & State Governments to come under single roof for capacity building in agricultural sector.
  • To explore and promote agri-business opportunities & partnerships with key stakeholders across the value chain.
  • To discuss modern technologies like bioprocess technologies for processing/value addition especially for commodities with abundant produce causing storage problems
  • To build effective linkages between producers and processors for mutually beneficial agreements like contract farming.
  • Supporting value addition strategies by taking agricultural produce to the next level in collaboration with the industry
  • To demonstrate best practices on value-addition in agriculture
Innovations & Technology: Innovations by industry/people’s group for enhancing value to the agricultural produce through value-addition strategies by processing traditional crops into food as well as non-food uses, Modern technologies like bioprocess technologies for processing/value addition, etc.
Capturing VALUE through Partnerships: Changing the distribution of value in the food production chain through direct marketing, vertical integration, producer alliances, cooperative efforts, retail chains & other Partnerships.
Economics of Value Addition: Credit facilities to farmer-cooperatives for undertaking value-addition, Relevance of financing schemes & funding, Contract Farming, Public Private Partnerships, etc.
Infrastructure Development: - Infrastructure like cold storages, warehouses, etc to minimize post-harvest losses, sorting, grading & packing for retaining quality for value addition
Registration Fees:
Rs. 2,000/- per delegate (10% discount on 2 or more delegates from same organization). The Delegate Registration Fee includes lunch and refreshments apart from the study material (if any).

Partnering Opportunities
The summit will provide our partners direct access to a target group of audience both at Governmental & Corporate level & offer B2G, B2B & B2C opportunities. The programme has been designed as such to provide partners with a valuable opportunity to showcase their expertise and position them to further their business interests.

Registration Fees: 

  • Rs 2000/- Per Delegate (10% discount on 2 or more delegates from same organization)