Interactive Session on
National Biodiversity Authority
with NBA Chairman, Dr Balakrishna Pisupati

06 December, 2013, Hotel Green Park, Chennai-600026, Tamil Nadu

About The Event

India has a rich Biodiversity, but, in the fast pace of technology today we can see a great downfall in the biodiversity products, for the same the National Biodiversity Authority is working in order to save the Biodiversity resources, so to evade the condition of poor biodiversity.
Each person is working to save biodiversity as everyone is aware of lowering conditions of biological resources but there are several mechanisms which cannot be put to an end seeing that those tasks are also an important part of our livelihood.
We all are very well aware of the fact that Industries working on pharma, agriculture, biotechnology, etc are of great importance to each and every one of us including biological resources! But still these industries are facing great challenges in order to proceed with their working as they have to use large amount of biological resources with the intention to help the humanity but they have to face loads of tribulations in taking different kinds of approvals.
The proposed interactive session with National Biodiversity Authority (NBA) Chairman, Dr Balakrishna Pisupati, is to facilitate the dialogues between the industries and National Biodiversity Authority (NBA) and to strengthen the technology as well as biodiversity.
Considering the immense significance associated with the Indian biodiversity resources, we request your participation for this Interactive Session.