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Nanotechnology is a rapidly expanding field, focused on the creation of functional materials, devices, and systems through the control of matter on the nanometer scale. It is an exploitation of novel phenomena and properties at that length scale. We believe, The Next Big Thing Is Really Small and Nanotechnology is poised to make most remarkable scientific and industrial transformations of the current century. There are several different types of nanotechnologies today and several applications of each type thereof. The advancements in nanotechnology will have a tremendous impact on areas such as materials, electronics, medicine, environment, healthcare, electronics and a wide range of sectors can be included in this change.
The market analysis revealed that there is a paucity of serious and published research into the ethical, legal, and social implications of Nanotechnology. As the science leaps ahead, the ethics lags behind. There is danger of derailing Nanotechnology if the aforesaid implication does not catch up with the speed off the scientific development. Several observations indicate that all of society, not just scientists, needs to take Nanotechnology seriously. It is paramount, therefore, for Industries and consumers to deliberate upon a nanotechnology enabled society, especially now, when nanotechnology is undergoing a dynamic phase of evolution.
ASSOCHAM's National “Summit on “NANO” India - Policy and Regulation” is being organized to bring together the national community working in diverse domains of nanotechnology. The summit will provide a conducive ambiance for presenting advancements and applications in Nanotechnology in the field of healthcare, medicine, energy and information technology. The deliberations during the Summit will encompass keynote talks, oral presentation, poster sessions demonstrating work on Nanotechnology, exhibition stalls of new research outcomes and information pertaining to Nanotechnology.

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  • For Professional/ Corporates: INR 2,000/-  
  • For Scholars: INR 1,500/-  
  • For International: $ 50 

15% Discount for 3 or more delegates from same firm