ASSOCHAM represents the interest of more than 150 Chambers and Trade Associations from all over India, encompassing all sectors of India’s trade, industry and commerce. ASSOCHAM is the oldest Apex Chamber established in 1920 and caters directly and indirectly to over 2,00,000 members from all over the country. ASSOCHAM has also been identified as the “Knowledge Chamber” and has been focusing on providing knowledge – based technologies and business opportunities to our members.

ASSOCHAM has over 40 Expert Committees which regularly take up national and global issues of prime importance to the interests of its members. It continuously interacts with the Central and State Governments and play an important role in the shaping of India’s Economic, Trade, Fiscal and Social policies. 

ASSOCHAM also provides a platform for its members to project their policies and programmes to the concerned authorities. It also organize important workshops / seminars/ conferences and coordinate interactive sessions with the policy makers. ASSOCHAM also regularly mounts delegations to many important countries.

ASSOCHAM has the honour of hosting Foreign Business Delegations, World leaders, renowned Industrialists, Economists, Scientists, Bankers, Social activists. It also provides networking opportunities for its constituents and also makes special efforts to emphasise its members view-points in policy formulations. ASSOCHAM strive to add a lot of value to its members. 

In view of the win-win situation by getting associated with each other, may I invite you to be a part of ASSOCHAM activities and become a member of our special category. By virtue of your Chamber / Association becoming a Member of ASSOCHAM, your members can avail of 10% rebate on their subscription payable to ASSOCHAM in case they also become members.