Result of Govt’s decisive action in J&K in past few months quite apparent: Dr Jitendra Singh

Friday, November 17, 2017

Common Kashmiri youth intends to participate in India’s mainstream development process
New Delhi, November 17, 2017: The Government of India has been able to follow an approach of clarity, consistency, conviction under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s governance in the last two-three years which is very visibly apparent be it in Kashmir, the north-east or the left-wing militancy affected areas, Union Minister, Dr Jitendra Singh said at an ASSOCHAM event held in New Delhi today.
“In north-east we have had very few incidents of insurgency happening except for the isolated incidents here and there,” said Dr Singh, Union Minister of State for PMO (Prime Minister Office) Personnel while inaugurating day-two of an ASSOCHAM International Conference-cum-Exhibition on Homeland Security.
On Kashmir being in focus, he said, “Singular most credit goes to the Prime Minister’s clarity of direction that we have had a decisive action in Kashmir in the last two-three years and more so in the last few months and the results are now very much obvious.”
He added that whether it was foreign sponsored or politically motivated mercenary terrorism that generated within Kashmir, there has been a tremendous pressure and that heat was being felt on the perpetrators of this kind of militancy.
The Union Minister also stated that there is a visibly high morale of people living in the border belt who for the first time are witnessing a decisive action and want a logical conclusion for the same.
“I think it is a complement for the political dispensation, clarity of PM’s vision, high professional competence of security forces which has generated an unusual kind of confidence in the civilian population,” said Dr Singh.
“That deterrent effect has now created confidence which was lacking for quite a few years,” he added.
He also said that going ahead, security related technologies would further evolve as such there is a need to be proactive and presumptive for carrying on with future combat success. “We also have to have a research endeavour which is deeply rooted in the Indian conditions and requirements.”
On Moody’s Investor Services lifting Government of India’s local and foreign currency debt ratings to Baa2 from Baa3, the Union Minister said that the single-most credit goes to Prime Minister Narendra Modi whose graph is going higher and higher with each passing day not only within the country but internationally.
“I think it is a matter of pride for each one of us, 125 crore people of this country have vindicated all that PM Modi stands for and it is for the first time in 70 years of Indian democracy that the commonly used jargon of anti-incumbency stands negated as it has been so overwhelmingly overtaken by pro-incumbency,” said Dr Singh.
Commenting on the issue of a Kashmiri youth footballer who had joined a militant organisation and subsequently surrendered to the security forces, the Minister reiterated that common youth in Kashmir wishes to be a part of the mainstream development journey of India led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
“Even this year we have had as many as 18-19 young boys and girls from terror affected districts of Kashmir valley who made it to the IIT (Indian Institute of Technology), so  I wish to say that youth of Kashmir is as much as aspirational compared to youth in any other part of the country,” he said.
Sharing his views on National Conference chief Farooq Abdullah’s statement on Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK), Dr Singh said that his comments should not be taken very seriously.
“I think this family suffers from selective amnesia and they believe the whole country is also suffering from it, so he needs to be reminded that it was their own patriarch Sheikh Abdullah who in 1975, in a hurry to get himself reinstated as chief minister after 20 years of wilderness accepted all the norms of Indian Constitution without any condition and never once he spoke about autonomy,” he said.
“If PoK has to be taken back it is not to be taken back to prove a point to a particular individual be it Farooq or anybody but our resolve to take back PoJK is a part of our commitment to the founding fathers of India’s independence, Indian republic and to the last Prince Maharaja Hari Singh of Jammu and Kashmir,” the Union Minister added.
“I think that there are certain political groups and Kashmir-centric politicians who when in power they speak of Kashmir being an integral part of India, they swear by it but when out of power they start using semi-separatist jargon,” he said further.

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