Nutrition Security is equally important as Food Security in India: Mr Ashok Dalwai, CEO, NRAA

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Government should redesign and re-mandate the Agriculturemap which would bridge the income and supply gap for farmers and consumers


New Delhi, March 13 2019: In order to maintain a healthy population and to address keep up with the increasing demand of nutritious food, there is a need to change the agricultural pattern of India as focus is required on the nutritional value. The Government should focus on both Macro and Micro nutrients while working towards Food Security.This will help in generating more income for farmers and provide nutritional food for the huge Indian population.
Speaking at the ASSOCHAM 2nd National Conference on “Nutrition and Food”organised by ASSOCHAM, India’s oldest apex body, Mr Ashok Dalwai, CEO National Rainfed Area Authority (NRAA), said, “The consumption pattern of the Indian population is changing as it indicates that the expenditure on food has been reducing in the consumer’s basket and more spending is happening on nutrition. The Government should focus on creating a roadmap which would focus more on production of nutritional food.As agriculture is the main provider of food, it is also a major provider of employment to the society. The Government and the industries need to link up and work towards addressing the nutrition requirement of the people, employment engagement and the livestock sector.
Present at the occasion were *Chief Guest: Dr Ashok Dalwai, CEO, National Rainfed Area Authority (NRAA), Dr ShariquaYunus, Head of Nutrition, World Food Programme (UN), Dr Shikha Sharma, Managing Director, NutriHealth, Shri Arun Lal, Vice President, Hexagon Nutrition, Dr R. Hemlata, Director, National Institute of Nutrition, Shri Vikas Jain, Chairman, ASSOCHAM National Council on Food Processing and Value Addition and Shri Uday Kumar Varma, Secretary General, ASSOCHAM.
The In India, Agriculture is seen only as a provider of food and it is important to see this as a major cultivator towards providing nutrition the budding population. There is surplus of food where there is still deficiency in the income of the farmers and nutrition supplythrough food to the people.
Even now the land, which is a primary resource for India, is being used for producing primarily for cereals. We need geometrical revising of agricultural pattern where we start producing the required food in lesser area and divert the surpluses to produce nutritional requirement such as pulses, meat, poultry, milk, fruits, vegetables. The consumption pattern in India indicates that the expenditure on food has been reducing in the consumer’s basket and more spending is happening on nutrition.
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