India to strengthen cooperation with Germany in Global supply chains, AI & digitisation

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

New Delhi, June 23, 2020:
The longstanding and strategic India-Germany partnership is bound to evolve stronger in the changing geo-political environment, said Indian Envoy to Germany, H.E. Mrs.MuktaDuttaTomar, during ASSOCHAM’s webinar “India and Germany Partners in a changing Geopolitical Environment”. The webinar was part of ASSOCHAM’s Country webinars towards understanding the roadmap for further engagement with leading trade partners and coming up with recommendations, principles and engagement imperatives.
Ambassador Tomar, in her key note address highlighted few major points to focus towards enhancing India-Germany economic cooperation. Global supply chains, Artificial Intelligence, Digitisation, Pharmaceutical products, Joint R&D, Testing and co-production of vaccines, and clean energy cooperation are some of the major areas to focus on future cooperation between India and Germany, said Ambassador Tomar. She also spoke about factors such as climate change, international trade tensions set afoot by US- China trade tensions and the COVID-19 pandemic that affect the emerging geopolitical environment.
Mr. Nilaya Verma, a globally renowned management consultant and Co-founder & CEO of Primus Partners, moderated the webinar which included the eminent speakers, Mr. Deepak Sood, Secretary General, ASSOCHAM; Mr.Gaurav Gupta, IAS Officer, Principal Secretary, Commerce and Industries Department, Govt. of Karnataka; Mr. Bernhard Steinrücke, Director General, Indo-German Chamber of Commerce; Mr. Vivek Abraham, Vice President, Invest India; Mr.Clas Neumann, Global Senior Vice President, Head of Global SAP Labs Network, Head of Fast Growth Market Strategy Group; Mr. C.P. Gurnani, CEO, Tech Mahindra; Mr.NileshAuti, Digital Officer & Global Head - Manufacturing Industry Vertical at Tech Mahindra; Mr.ShaileshPathak, Chief Executive Officer, L&T Infrastructure Development Projects Limited (L&T IDPL); Mr. Daniel Nathrath, Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer, Connect Ada (Germany); Mr.NarendraNath, Joint Secretary, National Security Council Secretariat, Government of India
The seventy-five minutes long webinar included panel discussions on various areas such as G2G Cooperation, Digital Economy, Manufacturing, Infrastructure & Smart Cities, Pharma& Healthcare, and Secure Communication.
Mr. Deepak Sood, opened the session be sharing of the emerging sectors of cooperation between India and Germany during the changing geopolitical environment and the current pandemic. He further talked about how ASSOCHAM, being a voice of business industry, both at the political and institutional level is finding out new ways to interact with industry and government to ensure business continuity. This webinar is an initiative from ASSOCHAM towards the international outreach program, he added.
He also shared his perspective on commercial and cultural ties and talked about various agreements/MOUs signed between India and Germany during the visit of Chancellor Merkel to India in November 2019. Mr.Sood elaborated how even during COVID-19 pandemic India and Germany continued to collaborate and support social and economic activities. He shared that Air India flight supplied seasonal fruits and vegetables from Indian farmers to Germany under KrishiUdan programme, German footwear brand Von Wellx announced to shift production to Agra from China and Germany was among the countries that received hydroxychloroquine tablets from India.
In the panel discussion on G2G cooperation, Mr.Gaurav Gupta, shared his views on Sister States arrangement between Karnataka and Bavaria. He stated that both the states are tech capitals and share a successful 13-year long relationship. He also suggested potential areas of collaboration between the two states like tourism, hospitality, culture, power, energy and biotechnology, etc.
Mr. Bernhard Steinrücke, talked about the current COVID scenario around the world and expressed the significance of developing a vaccine to safeguard people against COVID-19. He gave the account of a joint venture formed between and Indian and a German company to work closely on developing COVID-19 vaccine. The plant under the aegis of this JV would be set up in Vadodara. Mr.Steinrücke also spoke about the abundant opportunities existing in India’s manufacturing sector this sector and mentioned how the amalgamation of Indian manufacturing sector and the German machinery sector could be a win-win situation for both partners.
Mr. Vivek Abraham, spoke about the plethora of opportunities arriving out of the current pandemic and how Invest India has been offering Indian as well as foreign companies with the much-required assistance to foster global partnerships.
In the panel discussion on Digital Economy, Mr.Clas Neumann, spoke about the potential of the Indian IT sector and how the Indo-German collaboration in IT sector could be a big boon for both the economies not only during COVID-19 pandemic, but also post COVID-19 era.
Mr. C.P. Gurnani highlighted the significance of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s visit to India and talked about major MOUs signed between various Indian and German companies. Under the leadership of two leaders, many MOUs/agreements have been signed between Indian and German companies like between BASF and Adani and major automobile companies, he added. He further talked about the scope of partnerships in the areas like SAP, digital technology and manufacturing.
In the panel on Manufacturing, Infrastructure & Smart Cities, Mr.NileshAuti talked about how India and Germany can collaborate in manufacturing sector. India’s manpower-oriented factories could very well make use of the German expertise in machinery. He also talked about the collaboration in SMEs sector as this sector is responsible for huge employment in both countries.
Mr.ShaileshPathak spoke about cooperation in construction and infrastructure sector. I am hopeful for collaboration in construction and manufacturing sector, he said. We also need to focus on controlling the gatherings in assembly points such as railway and bus stations, he added. He further stated that Digital technology will play a major role in this endeavour.
In the session on Pharma& Healthcare, Mr. Daniel Nathrath, spoke about the vibrant scope of digital healthcare platform. He also mentioned that digital screening and testing tools would be very useful in terms of its efficiency in rural areas of India and collaboration in this sector is the new normal.
The final session of the webinar was on secure communication. Mr.NarendraNath, expressed his views on Secure Communication and shared his perspective on significance of digital technology and how the entire world is still connected despite in lockdown. Secure communication is a prospective area of collaboration, considering the longevity of digital technology in post COVID-19 era and increasing cybercrimes, he added.
The panel shared various insights into sectors of collaboration between India and Germany, and also the new areas of cooperation between both strategic partners.
ASSOCHAM is set to come up with other international webinars, focusing on India’s potential and identifying new areas of collaboration, and fostering strategic international partnerships.

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