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10th Annual Summit Non-Banking Finance Companies and Infrastructure Financing

  • 21 Jun, 2024

Regulatory prescriptions are often seen as restrictions on business, but they're crucial for survival. The flagship summit's focus is on highlighting this vital aspect, emphasizing how regulation ensures a level playing field, protects consumers, and promotes long-term stability. By reframing the narrative, this summit aims to guide businesses towards responsible growth and enduring success. Amidst India's dynamic financial landscape, Non-Banking Financial Companies and Infrastructure Financing has emerged as growth catalysts, spurring economic empowerment for small businesses and infrastructure financing. While NBFCs are relatively well placed today as compared with the past few years, competition from banks and the rising interest rate scenario pose challenges. Competition from banks has intensified, especially in the traditional segments. Regulators stand at the forefront, steering the delicate balance between fostering innovation and maintaining financial stability.

The government’s focus on providing relief and credit flow to entire sector particularly small business and other sectors which has resulted in more positive macroeconomic outlook across industries including financial services. It also has the potential to become a vehicle to achieve national policies that target poverty reduction, women empowerment, assistance to vulnerable groups, and community development. These, combined with improving economic activity, have put the sector in a comfortable position to capitalize on growth opportunities.

In this connection, on behalf of the ASSOCHAM, we would like to invite you as an Eminent Speaker and request your esteemed organization for nominal financial support as per enclosed brochure for this mega flagship summit.

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