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The Government of India launched Start-up India in 2016 with an objective to boost start-up culture and create an environment of entrepreneurship in India. India is working for a start-up ecosystem based on the mantra Of the Youth, By the Youth, For the Youth Innovation & start-up are two strong pillars that directly contribute to nations' economic wealth as well as social development. The basic narrative behind forming this ASSOCHAM National Council on Start Up is to build a booming start-up and entrepreneurial ecosystem in the country and to play a vital role in bridging the gap between the Industry and Government. Objectives: ● Strengthen Start-up Ecosystem in the country through policy research and recommendations to Government of India and State Governments to ensure ease of starting - doing - closing new businesses ● Attract most innovative start-ups to collaborate with corporate and grow ● Help corporate to identify suitable budding start-ups for forging business partnerships and work with start-ups at the co-working space ● Help investors to select potential budding start-ups for investing ● Work with Central government and state governments to create enabling ecosystem for growth of start-up and employment generation ● Serve as a Knowledge Centre for preparing and empowering potential entrepreneurs in India through various capacity building programs and convert job seekers to job creators.

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