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Government Procurement is an integral part of governance and financial management system of any country and it accounts for a substantial amount of global and national expenditure. Across the countries, public procurement accounts for about 15 percent of the GDP and in India its estimates are around 25% of GDP. A well-functioning and efficient public procurement system is necessary for the development process, which makes the need for integrity in public procurement not merely an ethical requirement but an economic too.

The Government procurement process in India is quite complex given the federal framework for public service delivery. The constitutional arrangements across the Union and State governments, autonomous and statutory bodies, public sector undertakings and the local governments demand a broad range of requirements for providing public services. Hence, there is need to understand the regulations, rules and their applicability for procurement of various goods and services.

This Council focuses on the opportunities and challenges faced by stakeholders for which regular discussions are organized on every key aspect of the procedure of public procurement. The Council is working closely with various Government departments and creating awareness among the industry on key developments taking place towards enhancement of transparency, capabilities, and competencies in the system by creating an enabling environment, particularly, when the Government of India is focusing on public procurement preference to make in India.

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