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6th ASSOCHAM Business India Golf Cup 2023

  • 30 Sep, 2023

About the Tournament

Golf and business have been linked for as long as the game has been around. In this rapidly changing, globalized world, being well connected is everything. The ASSOCHAM Business India Golf Cup 2023 provides a unique experience for the business golfers to connect with the fellow industry colleagues, government and other ecosystem players.
ASSOCHAM believes that though, all types of sports has their own learning moments, Golf, on the other hand, is instrumental in providing a sustained learning experience.  It makes the players respect other players views and ideas in the holistic manner, shed baggage, re-think, re-invigorate, re-strategise and execute. This is the 6th Golf Tournament being organised by ASSOCHAM.

Why Participate

Huge potential for business and networking
Grow your circle of professional friends
Quality time
Relaxing surroundings
Character Preview for Golf for Business
It\'s for All Ages
After Game Opportunity
Great Social Life – Golf for Business
Win-win Health Benefits

*Participation in the tournament is by Invitation only

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