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ASSOCHAM 6th Global AI Leadership Meet 2024

  • 20 Feb, 2024

The vision of Digital India has set a new global benchmark for leveraging digital technologies for inclusive growth, good governance, and empowerment. Artificial intelligence (AI) and the innovations surrounding it have significantly altered the way that industries, consumers, and businesses operate nowadays. Governments and organizations around the world are investing in and focusing heavily on AI. Data is the basic building block for any AI system. India, with over 700 million internet subscribers, generates massive amounts of data daily. These put India at the forefront of the AI revolution, where the commitment to using AI for the common good while addressing privacy and ethical concerns can be addressed suitably.   

India offers solutions that are scalable, secure, affordable, sustainable, and replicable on a global scale. India’s Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) initiative is a prime example of such pioneering efforts. Opportunities for empowering society through AI in India are numerous, ranging from agriculture, railways, education, healthcare, finance, energy, and other sectors where it impacts the masses across the nation. Thus, the percolation of AI in different spheres will enable a transformation to create a vibrant economy that is technology-driven, scalable, and adaptable to rapid transitions to the next layer.  

ASSOCHAM proposes to organise the Global AI Leadership Meet 2024 with theme AI for India: Pushing boundaries for Innovation’ . on 20th February in New Delhi. The Summit brings together stakeholders from government, academia, Startups, and industry including prominent policymakers, world’s leading investors, thought leaders and innovators working to deploy AI by exploring the state of AI, investment, commitments, and governance to bring AI solutions at a global scale. The Summit will also have presence of Experts who will discuss how to make the best use of AI and Generative AI models even as they discuss how to address the challenges and disruption that the exponential growth of these new technologies is posing. Through the Summit ASSOCHAM will highlight the continued efforts of the government in partnership with tech leaders in Empowering India’s future Growth Through AI.   

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