Climate Change I Energy Efficiency I Waste Management

16 March, 2016, Hotel Le Meridien, New Delhi

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Climate change has emerged as one of the most critical determinants of the direction of the global economic shift and it is no longer just an environmental concern. Shifting weather patterns increase the risk of natural calamities all over the world and threaten food production. Rising sea levels can contaminate coastal freshwater reserves and have a serious impact world over. The most dangerous climate changes may still be avoided if we transform and transcend our current hydrocarbon based energy systems. Rational and adequately financed adaptation programs can forestall disasters and migrations at unprecedented scales.

India submitted its post 2020 'Climate Action Plan' to UN, under INDC (India's Intended Nationally Determined Contribution) specifying the strategy to combat Climate Change by 2030. India has pledged to reduce the amount of GHG emission per unit of GDP by 33-35% from its 2005 levels, increase the share of non-fossil fuels to 40% in the installed power generation capacity and increase its forest and tree cover to provide additional carbon sinks.

In this context ASSOCHAM has announced 5th SUSTAINABLE ENVIRONMENT FORUM 2016 - Climate Change - Energy Efficiency - Waste Management on March 16, 2016 in New Delhi. This forum will provide opportunities to explore new, more efficient & cleaner technologies, renewable energy generation mechanisms, waste management implementation, technology transfer, capacity building, climate resilient infrastructure & development, transparency of action and support through participation of various stakeholders from Government agencies, Corporate Sectors, NGOs, Multi-lateral and Bi-lateral organizations, Academia, Research Institutes and Environmentalists.


  • To provide a forum for professionals, scientists, environmentalists and other groups of the society to share knowledge on various aspects of environment
  • To integrate and discuss major factors affecting the Environment such as sustainability, energy crises, climate change, waste management and livelihood
  • To devise domestic strategy for implementation of COP21 declarations and to implement Climate Action Plan of Government of India post Paris Conference
  • To create awareness and alternatives for involvement of corporate sectors to foster Public Private Partnership
  • To share, showcase & scale up the best practices, new innovations, institutional models, new technologies by industries, government, private sectors, research organization, NGOs, community groups & individuals for effective and sustainable solution of climate change issues and concerns

Why to Participate

  • Adaptation, Mitigation, Energy Efficiency & Waste Management measures in enhancing carbon sinks
  • Strengthen Ecosystem Management and Restoration (EM&R) activities
  • Cost effective and energy efficient strategies for end-use demand
  • Promote sustainability of habitats though improvements in energy efficiency in buildings, urban planning, improved management of solid and liquid waste including recycling and power generation, modal shift towards public transport and conservation
  • Integrated Water Resources Development and Management Strategy for water conservation, wastage reduction and equitable distribution?Opportunity to meet and network with invited experts from eminent organizations
  • Opportunity to attract investment across sections of the corporate world
  • Exceptional platform to give presentations addressing large audience of 200 people including key stakeholders
  • Exposure to new innovations, institutional models & updated technologies by industries, government, private sectors and NGOs
  • Recommendations emerged from the conference shall be submitted to the relevant official and non-official stakeholders in state and central ministries
  • Proceedings and media coverage released post conference for publicity

Who Should Attend

The focus groups for the conference are the Directors, Vice Presidents, Sustainability Officers, General Managers, Heads, Engineers, Supervisors from Government Agencies, Industries, Corporates, Scientists, Autonomous bodies, Boards & Corporations, Private Sectors, PSUs & Joint Ventures, NGO's, Consultancy Org anizations, Bilateral & Multilateral Agencies, Representatives from Foreign Countries, Embassies, High Commissions and concerned people from Environment & Climate Change Sector.

Expected Outcomes and Benefits

  • Road map on the implementation of India's commitment at COP21
  • Role clarity amongst various stakeholders in implementation of COP21 observations
  • Delineation of Corporate Sector's role and responsibility in reducing CO2 emissions
  • Awareness about new technologies to improve energy efficiency
  • Showcase new innovative technologies & institutional models for a sustainable & effective solution addressing climate change
  • Handling emerging waste management streams: E-waste and Hazardous WasteManagement

Registration Fees: 

  • National Delegate: INR 3000 /Delegate ( 10 % discount on registration fee for more than two participants. )
  • International Delegate: USD 60 /Delegate (10 % discount on registration fee for more than two participants.)