Global Summit
Bitcoin & Blockchain: The State of Cryptocurrency
- Opportunities and Challenges for Indian Economy -

03 March, 2017, New Delhi

About the event

The evolution of peer-to-peer technology based Bitcoin is seen as a revolution in the field of supply chain finance. The financial infrastructure and its underlying technology blockchain have given pace to the skyrocketing global Bitcoin trade. The unregulated virtual currency which has no control and legal system presents significant challenges by way of offering tax evasion, security risks, losses due to volatility and money laundering practices etc. However, all of its attractive features have given a level play rise in the number of transactions, volume of trades around the world and sentiments are turning bullish with the information claimed to have performed as one of the most remunerative asset class in the recent years.
Being India, the world's largest remittance recipient has enormous opportunities and challenges of the decentralized payment system that operates independently in a pseudonymous manner. This calls the stakeholders, including government, regulatory authorities, exchange plateforms, and investors to discuss and debate on prospective and appropriateness of Bitcoin Wallet as well as its legal and related issues. This will help determine the protected decision of investor to invest, regulators to initiate control and exchanges to fair play towards the future of Bitcoin in India.
In view of immense significance of the above, the ASSOCHAM is organising Global Summit on Bitcoin & Blockchain: The State of Cryptocurrency - “Opportunities and Challenges for Indian Economy” on 03rd March, 2017 in New Delhi.
ASSOCHAM solicits the active participation of individuals and organizations to make this important summit a grand success.

Registration Fees: 

  • Registration Fees: Rs. 5,000 per participant ( 10% discount for 2 or more participants from the same organization)