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  • 30 Aug, 2022

馃櫠 Behind every great man, there’s a great woman. Behind every great company board, there are at least two.馃櫡

The most ethical businesses comply to regulatory frameworks, and also they do it while constituting the boards with dynamic executive and non-executive members. The participation of women on corporate boards encompasses the intent which is beyond the concept of gender diversity, women empowerment or inclusion. Rather, this has become one of the most pertinent strategies being part of corporate governance frameworks.

European countries lead in appointing Women as Director on a Company’s Board. Recently European Union states have given initial approval to pushing firms to appoint women to at least 40% of non-executive director roles or 33% of all board jobs by 2027. Among them, Norway stands top with 45% whereas India holds only 4.7%. Another approach is to focus on increasing women’s representation in senior management positions, not only their representation on boards.

So far, in Indian scenario, the mandates are provided, and according to which, as per second proviso to the Section 149(1) of the Companies Act, 2013 such class or classes of companies as may be prescribed, shall have at least one-woman director. While as per SEBI (LODR) Regulations, 2015, appointment of woman director will apply to only such companies to whom CGRs are applicable. Rule 3 of the Companies (Appointment and Qualification of Director) Rules, 2014 provides class of Companies which shall appoint at least one-woman director.

While most of the top 1,000 listed companies have complied with the directive from the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), boards still have a long way to go before they become part of more inclusive and impactful decision-making process.

In view of the above and to discuss the present status, challenges, and the way forward approach, ASSOCHAM is virtually organizing Series 1 of the Boardroom Impact Talks on the “Quest for women participation in India” on Tuesday, 30 August 2022. The event will be deliberated by eminent speakers and participants from the government, regulators, corporate governance practitioners, directors on board of corporates, chartered accountants, company secretaries, CFOs, legal heads, compliance heads, among others.

We take this opportunity to cordially invite your esteemed organization to join as a partner or nominate the attendees for the virtual talk series.


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