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Aligned with the vision of creating a New India, ASSOCHAM works closely with the Government, industry, and civil society. The Chamber is an agile and forward-looking institution, leading various initiatives to enhance the global competitiveness of the Indian industry.

With more than 100 National and regional councils, ASSOCHAM is an impactful representative of the Indian industry. ASSOCHAM Councils and taskforce focus on different sectors and growth segments, working with the Central and State Government stakeholders. The Chamber focuses on aligning critical needs and interests of the industry with the growth aspirations of the nation through policy advocacy and advisory practices.

Members are offered various networking opportunities to discuss innovative solutions to trends and challenges, help unlocking the full potential of the Indian ecosystem. The Chamber organizes multiple conferences/ seminars/ workshops and interactive sessions with the policymakers. ASSOCHAM has the honour of hosting Policymakers, Foreign Business Delegations, World Leaders, Renowned Industrialists, Economists, Investors, Scientists, Bankers, and social activists. It also frequently organizes delegations to countries of key trade and business importance, coordinating trade and investment promotion and providing the Indian industry with strategic global linkages with the international business community.

Our eminent members are from the leading companies in India, major business houses including MSMEs, Public Sector Undertakings, Women Entrepreneurs, Multinational Companies, Banks, Financial Institutions, Start-ups and Professionals Firms to mention a few. These thought leaders are engaged to bring in best practices and insights that can help the industry address challenges and chart a robust growth path for the country. ASSOCHAM continuously strives to provide the highest value addition to its entire cross-section of members, even offering them a range of specialized services.

Aligned with its focus on inclusive development, the Chamber also supports civil society through citizenship programmes. ASSOCHAM’s member network leads initiatives in various segments such as empowerment, healthcare, education and skilling, hygiene, affirmative action, road safety, livelihood, life skills, sustainability, to name a few.

ASSOCHAM’s mission is to impact the policy and legislative environment to foster balanced economic, industrial, and social development.


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