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7th Season of Nutraceuticals World`s Future Ceuticals" - Insight in to Lifestyle Management

  • 18 Feb, 2022

Increasing awareness about health among consumers, high cost of health care products and steady decrease in life expectancy result in increased demand for innovative functional foods incorporated by various medicinal plants. In recent years, a new diet health paradigm is evolving which places more emphasis on the positive aspects of diet. The new lifestyle adopted by people today has changed the basic food habits of the latter. Consumption of the junk food has increased manifold leading to a number of diseases caused due to improper nutrition. Obesity is now recognized as a global issue. Heart disease continues to be a primary cause of death in most of the developing countries worldwide, followed by cancer, osteoporosis, arthritis, and many others. Consumers being frustrated with the expensive, high-tech, disease-treatment approach in the modern medicines are seeking complementary or alternative beneficial products and the red tape of managed care makes nutraceuticals particularly appealing. Nutraceuticals are the emerging class of natural products that makes the line between food and drugs to fade. Although the use of nutraceuticals by people has a long history, only recently scientifically supported nutritional and medical evidence has allowed nutraceuticals to emerge as being potentially effective. Nutraceuticals along with herbs had an excellent impact on prevention of various chronic diseases to make life better. Salicin present in the willow bark (Salix nigra) had been proved for anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antipyretic, astringent, and antiarthritic response clinically. Flavonoids such as psoralen present in parsley (Petroselinum crispum) is useful in diuretic, carminative, and antipyretic.Peppermint (Mentha piperita) contains various terpenoids especially menthol, a bioactive constituent, and cures cold and flu. Tannin contents of lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) help releasing stress and blood pressure.

There are many products / herbs which has been used by human for more than 3,000 years and are considered as oldest medicinal plant in the Ayurvedic medicine for example Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera) is commonly called Indian Ginseng, Gandhpatri, Asgandha, is a value-based herb amongst many others. Nutraceuticals, which are products derived from food sources with extra health benefits in addition to the basic nutritional value found in foods, contain several ingredients that have multiple actions that can act together to provide health benefits. Nowadays, women are looking for ways to not only help manage symptoms but also protect their hearts and improve bone health. There is a need to generate more evidence for nutraceuticals for women’s health to support claims and health physicians in clinical decision-making. With this background to encourage modification in lifestyle by Nutraceutical, ASSOCHAM is organising 7th Season of Nutraceuticals with the Title “Nutraceuticals – World’s Future Ceuticals” which is scheduled to be held on Feb 18’2022. The Event will focus on two major aspects · Modification in lifestyle by Nutraceuticals · Nutraceuticals and Women’s Health The Event will feature some of the most distinguished professionals in the nutraceuticals and health/wellness industries. The virtual summit will be one of a kind as it will have some of the prominent and acclaimed speakers in the nutraceutical world. The discussion will go around modification in lifestyle, innovation, improving human health through consumer products such as nutrition, dietary products, sports, cosmeceuticals, skincare, and beverages and so on.

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